Stop flying, you fool — 6 Comments

  1. Yeah, but they’re aptly named though. They just bumble along, they’re like the harmless drunks of the insect world, unlike wasps who are the skinhead facist bootboys.

  2. I completely agree. I’d never kill a bumblebee, or a bee for that matter.

    The only thing in the [non-human] world that is fair game is wasps. I love the crunch they make.

  3. While I swore never to write comments on any blog again, I can’t just sit here and let you insult bumblebees.
    They’re fat, hairy, make loud buzzing noises, and can’t fit into the flowers that they take the nectar from. In short they are insect comedians.

    Unlike flies, who seem to believe that glass is some kind of translucent forcefield with a magic gap in it somewhere, which means they will fly about the window until they find it.

    In that respect, flies are like Ricky Gervias. They just don;t know when to fucking give up.

  4. All I am saying is that they are a bit dim. I love ’em. They look furry and cuddly [but I wouldn’t advise a cuddle].

    Anyway, it’s worth an implied insult to get you commenting again DC.

  5. Go DC. Now visit me or I’ll visit you. I love Bumble Bees they’ve inspired concertos for Christ’s sake. They are freaks of nature that deserve capture and release no matte how stupid they are. (mmm . . I know people like that . . .)

  6. Oh Good Grief!! Everyone is taking me up wrong on this.

    I love bumblebees too! That’s why I find it so frustrating that when I carefully try to save them they keep flying in the wrong direction.

    They are the Labradors of the insect world.

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