Thoughts on awards

That’s the Irish Thingy Awards over.

When I say ‘over’, I mean just that.  It is a possibility, nay a probability that they won’t be held again.  Damien who has organised the Awards for the last six years is retiring.  He has announced this before, but I have a feeling in my waters that he means it this time.

Needless to say, I was robbed of my gong by that upstart Manuel, and I suppose I should pass on my grudging congratulations.  If I am to be denied what is rightfully mine, the he would be my choice of usurper.

The Awards this year were a bit of a catastrophe, as weren’t in the running.  I was disgusted to learn this as one of the long standing traditions of the Awards is to rip the piss out of them after.  I have no one to slag off now.  I could pick a site at random, but somehow it isn’t the same.  It’s like Easter without an egg or Christmas without a bottle of whiskey.

I deliberately didn’t nominate myself this year.  I thought I would sit this one out and watch from the side-lines, but that wasn’t to be.  Somehow my name got into the hat but I knew I wouldn’t win.  You see, the votes are rigged.  They have to be, as if they weren’t I would win in every category every year.  That would be disheartening for all the others so they deliberately disbar me.  I don’t mind.  Not in the least.

Congratulations again, Manuel.

And I hope you have eyes in the back of your head.

You’ll need ‘em.

Ya little sleeveen, ya. 

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Thoughts on awards — 7 Comments

  1. Cat – I suppose his site does have a sort of crude rustic charm about it.  I just hope the award doesn’t go to his head.

    TT – Fair point.  He should be disqualified for being a foreigner.

  2. Martin – How’s the Babby?  [or not so much a babby as a wee bairn at this stage?].  Manuel is one of the best writers around.  That award was too long overdue.

  3. Yes, long overdue.
    Small one is flying it, great fun. Finally allowing a bit of time for me to read more than news headlines for the first time in a  year.

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