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  1. I read that 115 is probably the end of the line regarding life expectancy – apparently the body just wears out by then.

    I would settle for 105, if I can still be skiing at 100.

  2. Ian – Nah!  115 is pushing it a bit.  That sounds too much like Incontinence-Pads terretory.  I think I will kick it before that.

    Cat – I might as well tell you that I am working on a bit of code that will allow me to write from The Other Side.  That should be interesting?

    TT & Willie – You two know something I don’t?

  3. Welcome Grellfar!  Thanks very much for that link.  There is a lot of reading matter, between the post itself, the comments and all the links.  It’ll take a bit of reading……….

  4. Willie – A source of great wisdom, is our Mark.

    AGrandad – Heh!  I hadn’t thought of it that way.  Maybe I’ll outlive the lot of you?

  5. The 2 of us just finished our 5 pounds of peeled, bald, garlic cloves, ready to order another. That should make us live longer. Might be do to lack of irritating people around.

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