Every picture tells a story — 10 Comments

  1. TT – Two blokes having a chat about what they are filming.  It’s not what is said, more what is filmed.  It’s not often you will find that level of care and loyalty amongst humans!

  2. I was very moved by this when I first saw it and I could only wish that I would have a friend that would do that for me.

  3. Yo Cranky!!  Where the hell have you been?  Surely your subjects in Canuckistan would look after you?  Or have to been ousted again?

  4. Thanks for that, Maureen.  I had seen another translation but couldn’t find where.  I had also read that both dogs were being well cared for.  I would say that is one of the highest viewed videos of the day?!

  5. its really amazing what our animal friends can do. now if a few humans were like that the world would bea better place to live in. but maybe im asking for way to much here. this is why sumthing i much perfere animals more so than humans

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