Thoughts on awards — 7 Comments

  1. Isn’t Manuel in Belfast?  Weren’t the awards held in Belfast? Not that I’m suggesting anything.

  2. Cat – I suppose his site does have a sort of crude rustic charm about it.  I just hope the award doesn’t go to his head.

    TT – Fair point.  He should be disqualified for being a foreigner.

  3. I was quite pleased to see Manuel get a long deserved nod. A consistent bugger he is.

  4. Martin – How’s the Babby?  [or not so much a babby as a wee bairn at this stage?].  Manuel is one of the best writers around.  That award was too long overdue.

  5. Yes, long overdue.
    Small one is flying it, great fun. Finally allowing a bit of time for me to read more than news headlines for the first time in a  year.

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