In which I am more than confused — 8 Comments

  1. It’s life’s conspiracy, causing all these things to happen at the same time – individually you’d handle it, collectively it gets overwhelming.
    There was a period when three of our four parents were in different hospitals at the same time, and the fourth needed supportive care at home, with no other siblings to share it. Life’s a bitch at times.
    Just do what you can, get through it, there’s folk out here thinking about you.

  2. When one door closes, another bangs into your face…

    Keep going Grandad, we’re all on your side!

  3. Having just spent a day in hospital with an endoscope up my bum I sympathise with your predicament. Keep going – the bastards won’t get you if you’re ahead of them!

  4. Thank you everyone. I do indeed intend to fight on, mainly because there isn’t any alternative. Sadly pensioners can’t avail of sick notes.

    My biggest concern is the dog. She hates being left alone as it’s almost unknown territory for her. On the way back from the hospital today I could hear her howling from the front garden which is a heart rending sound. Thursday is going to be a nightmare for her as I will probably be out for quite a while.

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