Team Ireland — 3 Comments

  1. It is yer akshul politicianese.
    When things are going shite we are all in it together, and the blame cannot be attributed.
    If by some miraculous fluke things start to go swimmingly, well you know of course who singlehandedly managed to swing it. Now about that EU Commissioner job / jolly?

    • I knew we were in for trouble when they elected Harris as leader. He’s an immature idiot who is too ambitious for his own good. The only thing he’s good at is sounding oh so fucking sincere and everything will be sorted next week. Gobshite!

  2. I shouldn’t worry too much Grandad, when Kia Strummer gets in over here, he’ll let them all stay in our other shitholes we have nurtured over the years, and the illegals won’t be bothering to come over.

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