The patient patient — 6 Comments

    • I did indeed. It was a name I could never pronounce let alone spell. Very Pakistani / Indian. There again I might as well been in the heart of India as that seemed to be where the entire staff were from.

  1. As to the Cannula, you should have asked why you couldn’t keep it. Are these recycled, and if so, who had it before me? How many times has this one been used, and just what in the hell are you folks trying to pull here?

    • One of the rooms I was temporarily abandoned in was a sort of store room. I could have walked out with loads of stuff but in the end the only thing I left with was myself….. plus I would imagine a variety of exotic viruses and bacteria that I hadn’t encountered before.

  2. I’m glad it’s not just THE ENVY OF THE WORLD™ (NHS) that keeps sick people waiting for hours in A&E. Did Ireland copy our “world leading” health service?

    • I was remarkably lucky in that I got seen on the same day. It’s not unusual here to have to wait a couple of days.

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