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  1. We were watching the third season of M*A*S*H…

    Corporal Klinger doesn’t know what he started, but the humour was real and understandable, so it suited a rather addled couple of oldies!

    • That;s going back a fair bit. Must be nearly back in the B&W days! Certainly not widescreen….

    • I may have my bad points but I’m not that bad. Though at one point I swear they advertised a full DVD of the show on sale. Are people really that insane? Or is it aimed at masochists?

  2. I considered making a phone vote for the Israel entry (just to discomfort the pro-Palestinian protestors) but since I no longer watch Eurovision because of its partisan political bias it seemed hypocritical to ‘make a political statement’. So I didn’t.

    Interestingly Israel was voted 12th by the jury and 2nd by the public vote.

  3. We watched it. Was even more bloody awful than usual. UK entry was basically vile and disgusting. The Irish entry was a flash back to the Devil Rides Out and was a child scarer. It was not family viewing at all. The Gaydar was flashing red and the alarm howling.

    • The Gaydar was flashing red and the alarm howling. That gave me a much needed Laugh Out Loud moment. Thanks!

  4. That damn Euro trash song show was on TV here in the US. There were adverts claiming it was THE most popular thing in Europe.
    I didn’t watch it. There was rugby sevens on another channel.

  5. As mentioned elsewhere, the standard has dropped alarmingly since Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson’s “Sing Little Birdie”. Now, that was a song! (managed to get that in before the nurse comes with my medicine).

    • Don’t knock it, P., Senora O’Blene often mentions that song – with a little grin, and I still drool over Sandie Shaw singing with fabulous legs and no shoes on…

  6. The Gaydar was flashing Red,
    And the alarm howling!
    That could be the title of a Eurotrash winning song. Just imagine the special effects.

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