Penny’s bin — 5 Comments

  1. Can the waste from non organic food – peelings, bones, cores, pips etc. go in the Organic Bin?
    Oh, the dilemmas.
    I found by experiment that paper composts down quickly. I am sure that piss soaked paper, like byre bedding straw will make good compost.
    Add your own. Every little counts.If you do gardening.

    • However, if the piss-soaked ‘paper’ is most types of kitchen roll, it’s not actually paper but a form of plastic, so won’t degrade on the compost heap.
      Hence kitchen roll causes many drain blockages when folk flush it thinking it’s paper.

    • That’s a fair point about putting the piss-paper on the compost heap. The only problem is that I don’t fancy trotting down the garden several times a day. I suppose I could keep a special sack in the garage [behind an air tight door]? I’ll give it a try. I’ll also hose down the heap occasionally in case of spontaneous combustion?

      • I think that you shouldn’t compost poo from carnivores if you mean to fertilise vegetables.
        The compost heap won’t heat up enough to kill the possible worms etc.

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