The lost chord — 7 Comments

    • For various reasons the guitar played [geddit?] a very significant part in my life. If it wasn’t for that my life would have been very different. Deciding to learn to play was one of my best ever decisions.

    • Sadly not. We’re talking about the seventies when smartphones were just a wet dream. People didn’t carry around handy sound recording equipment. Leastwise, if there are any recordings I don’t know about them.

      I decided to end the “pod casting”. The videos were slowing down the site and anyway I don’t think people were particularly interested?

  1. That middle one looks exactly like my Yamaha – which I can’t play either. I have never been any use as a musician so it was only ever for private amusement but like you soft fingers and sloppy co-ordination have turned it into an ornament. And don’t mention the mandolin with it’s piddly little pairs of strings.

  2. I genuinely and entirely hope I am well dead before I stop playing. I fear the day that I can’t play. If I couldn’t… it’s just such a horrible thought. It’s the one thing in this world I need. In a way, I admire someone who could hang up an instrument. Life would just be incredibly torturous without being able to play music.

    • The only reason I stopped playing was that life just got in the way. Work, mortgage, wife, child and all the rest. I admire anyone who can work through that field of thorns and still keep playing. The same happened with the crowd I used to play with. I can look back with great memories and occasionally get a hankering for a session. Sadly I’m so long out of it now that I have all but forgotten how to play!

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