Getting half cut — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve never heard ‘moxy’ before – what does it mean?

    ‘dimsey’ is the oddest word I use – do you know it

    • My understand moxy [or moxey] to mean, ballsy, hefty or massive. It must be a slang that is particular to Dublin as I heard/used it many times in my misspent youth, nealy always as “a moxy load [of drink or whatever]”. The Interwebs doesn’t seem to know about that version, but then it doesn’t know everything?

      I haven’t come across Dimsey before. Dusk? Twilight? It’s a nice word. I must add it to my lexicon.

  2. I spent at leat 15 minutes trying to start my motor mower. Pull the starter, nothing, again nothing and so on for another 2 minutes at the end of which my arm was sore. Rest for a couple of minutes and try again. After almost 10 minutes a bloop and burble ! It was coming to life ! Another rest of my right arm and back into the fray. A hard pull and and spurt of smoke ! Another hard pull and we are off !

    • You have my sympathy. My mower may be electric start but my strimmer must be related to your mower. It’s a bugger to fire up. Your description is perfect!

      • The answer lies in the petrol, especially if it’s been hanging around in a can for more than a few weeks…

        I nearly broke my arm, leg, middle finger and spirit trying to start a tiller after the winter lay-off, and resorted to traipsing around to get half a gallon of the real stuff, and after two pulls, she started first time…;0~

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