Eye in the sky — 10 Comments

  1. If you want to do Something nefarious, turn your phone on and DHL it to yourself

    • Your privacy is and will always be enormously important to us, especially so if we can find a way to use that information to our advantage, personal gain, or just for a laugh or two here in the cube farm.

  2. Yes. But can it tell you why you went half way up the stairs, stopped, wondered if you were going up or down? And why?

      • Barry Cryer once said that he was very pleased with his new stair lift, as he could get upstairs in time for him not to forget why he was going up there in the first place…

  3. It’s finally come down to where you used to have to go in and turn “convenience” features on and now you have go in and turn “convenience” features off. One of these days I suppose I’ll be forced to get one of these things. That is if I don’t die first.

    • I look on them as a reasonable and convenient camera that just happens to have a phone attached.

  4. Be careful of it eavesdropping on your conversations!

    Talking to a Brazilian boy in school one day, we discussed football. He said he supported Flamengo, a club of whom I had not previously heard. The next time I opened Facebook, it suggested that I might want to follow Flamengo!

    • It’s not the first time I have heard of that phenomenon. Maybe I should have conversations with Herself about growing Happy-Weed? I might get suggestions of good seed producers?

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