Armageddon yet again — 13 Comments

  1. Maybe he has just found out where U2 come from.
    Just tell him that U2 have long gone. You, as a nation, gave them the boot.

  2. I think, as usual, Ireland is so small it was ignored / forgotten about by the Russians, much to the chagrin of the chattering classes.

    Our socialist leprechaun in the park is well known for his support of leftist dictators, he must be peeved.

  3. There’s no such place as Ireland, it’s just an outer province of toytown Austria-Hungary.

    They have that in writing, signed by people who know better.

    I’d be a bit careful what you say there Paddy. They will have their own army soon, and they can put it anywhere on their territory they please.

    It’s called plan 2040, or is that 1939?

      • Same place as me I suspect. In the eyes of our wannabe masters, East Sussex, where I currently reside, was actually part of the “transmanche region” along a lot of garlic snorting geese torturers. I think it still is in the minds of many.

        I like to think if it as the transphobe region.

  4. If Vlad did let loose a smaller nuke on London, it would probably cause billions of pounds of improvements.

  5. I’m fine with him nuking London, but could you ask him to do it on a day when the wind is blowing south

    • I’m on the south coast so a sou wester would be preferred. I don’t think the gene pool in Norfolk would suffer much damage from a bit of fall out.

  6. @Mudpluuger, Bucko and Mark – curses on yiz. Now I have to go and change my underwear again.

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