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  1. You’ve obviously got a guilt complex, why should all your days now be as Bank Holidays when most of your wretched countrymen and women still have to go out to work the rest of the year? Seems you do have feelings after all.
    When I quit daily suit-wearing a few decades ago, I resolved never to feel guilt, it worked but I didn’t. I savour every day of the hard-earned freedom. Life’s good.

    • Guilt? Never! I frequently switch on the traffic reports and take a sadistic joy in hearing about all the traffic jams trying to get in or out of Dublin. Nothing could ever entice me back into that nightmare.

  2. Perhaps you had a slight sense of missing out on something, like being at the beach, as per
    Bank Holiday On Killiney Beach (1937) (0:49, mercifully short? I wouldn’t have minded longer.)

    I do remember, when I worked at a film library in the ’90’s, I think, seeing this, albeit in black and white:
    Bank Holiday 1971 Whole Film (28:15)

    Other links show a Margaret Lockwood smoking – “Bank Holiday” (1938)
    Shock! Horror! An unfiltered cigarette! And life goes on …

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