Making a run for it — 12 Comments

    • There’s a cloisters out front with fabulous views, tables, chairs and ashtrays.

  1. Don’t knock the rain.
    It is only after a good rain shower that the air is so clean that you can see forever, and you can smell Spring shooting up all around you.
    I envy you.
    Just so long as you have a drap o’ the cratur.

    • No. It’s BEFORE the rain that you can see forever.

      I grew up in Workington on the Cumbrian coast and on the rare clear day we would try to spot the Isle of Man, some 40 miles away. It was well known: if you can see the Isle of Man it’s going to rain, if you can’t see the Isle of Man it’s already raining. The first bit of that is true, the second is what passes for humour in those parts.

    • Frankly, I wouldn’t be too worried if it rained the entire time. It’s a choice between relaxing in a cosy armchair, reading a book, or sitting out in the cloisters with pipe and a glass [large or small] in front of me.

  2. Peace, quiet and time to appreciate nature and the real world sounds like a good plan in these increasingly fraught times. Have a good time, you deserve it for tolerating us bunch of commentators with such patience and fortitude. In the meantime we’ll talk amongst ourselves, unless of course Daughter would care to take over in your absence?

    • Daughter has somewhat lost interest in the Interwebs as far as I can see. She has probably forgotten my little corner is still up an running. Or maybe she’ll surprise us?

  3. We will miss miss you and look forward to reading about your adventures upon your return. Enjoy your time away!

    • Thanks Joan. I’m not gone yet and this morning made the booking – the week after next. I hope I don’t have much to report. The idea is to do as little as possible!

      • This is what retirement is for (doing what you want when you want) including nothing at all.
        Enjoy it to the fullest Grandad!

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