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  1. It is all a sham.
    The Beeb has had their poor PoC come up to the roof of his 5 star Kyief hotel and spout the words he has been given from London. He cannot possibly have learned that by sniffing round the hotel bar. Sometimes he is joined by some strange accented woman – one sort of Dublin out of Boston the other French out of Gaza. No explanation of how they float about a war zone.
    Sometimes the PoC cannot be arsed putting on a helmet.
    I expect to see him in pyjamas soon, nursing a very large Moscow Mule.

  2. I think the tricky word you’re seeking is ‘propaganda’ – it’s not only ‘the other side’ that uses it.

  3. If Ukraine were winning skirmishes I’m sure we’d have non-stop stuff about it.
    Which suggests the West’s covering up that Russia’s doing what she intended.

    Perhaps we’ll find out partial truths when it’s all over…then it’ll be back to covid fearmongering.

  4. Unless they are being spoofed quite a few public webcams are still online from various cities in Ukraine so you can watch if you want.

  5. You are not seeing anything because little is happening.

    One commentator suggested that Putin should read War And Peace. The Ukrainians are following the example of the Russians in 1812 (and the Afghans in 1979-80), allowing the enemy logistical lines to become so stretched that they become unsustainable.

    The 40 km “convoy” will become fish in a barrel if the Stinger and Javelin missiles are deployed. Many of the vehicles are now out of fuel and one US military analyst says it will take a line of men with jerry cans to bring fuel.

    • The first time I saw that convoy my immediate thought was that it would only take one breakdown for the whole thing to grind to a halt. A bit like Dublin in the rush-hour?

  6. The video of the Russian helicopter being shot down looks like it came out of a video game.

  7. Well, one thing we CAN know for certain, my friend. Whatever the narrative the media and the beautiful people in Hollywood and the screeching primates on Twitter are pushing is a lie. Whatever the truth is, whatever is really happening in Ukraine and/or Russia, it bears no resemblance to anything you’ve seen on the news, read in any publication, heard on any radio program, or encountered on the dank floor of social media. Hell, I’m to the point where I doubt there even IS a country called Ukraine. I saw first hand how deep and wide the lies were about the Chinese lung AIDS, so I am quite confident that the lies being spun about an “invasion” are staggering.

    • By coincidence I watched a bit of a documentary about Chernobyl the other night. That was scary enough in that even the local population weren’t told of the extent of the problem and the only way the International media discovered was when the radiation reached Sweden. You can be sure that the story in Russia now is massively different from the story we’re getting here.
      Oh to be in a quiet country were the Peaches are coming into blossom!

  8. I’m so glad to have read this. I have felt the same all week but not dared, actually, to voice it amidst what seems to be a warmongering scream from my fellow men.
    The whole thing – all of it- is just incredible. At the very best it cannot be black and white. Given the murkiness of both sides it’s more dark grey vs light grey.
    And it all feels fake. All of it.

    • I’ll be honest in saying I was slow to put pen to paper [you know what I mean]. There is such anti-Russian frenzy and “patriotic” ardour out there I wasn’t quite sure of the reaction. I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

  9. Hi GD,

    Yes, agree. All we are getting from the MSM is “human interest” stuff, nothing really about the military situation. E.g. you probably wouldn’t know that the “40km convoy” is actually stuck there because the defenders blew up the bridges blocking the advance. Richard North has at least some info at turbulenttimes (

    I too remember Iraq and all the propaganda. Do you recall how we had to call chips “freedom fries” after the “cheese eating surrender-monkeys” dared to suggest that maybe war might not be such a good idea. The French were of course wrong, as proved by Tony Blair’s recent confirmation that he made the right decision in joining in…

    Nothing in the meeja either about the back story in this current war, with the notable exception of Putin’ Pawn Peter Hitchens (in the Mail, also linked from today’s dailysceptic).

    Me? – I’m off to kick a Dachshund (or whatever the Russian equivalent is).

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