Sahara here I come — 10 Comments

  1. Whilst the European energy sector is still reliant on Russian oil & gas, your radio & TV will continue – hard luck! But if these supplies are interrupted there will be outages across Europe, possibly including Eire. So there might be blessed silence soon.

    • But but but but what about all the windmills? Won’t they provide all the power we need?

    • This morning they had already started blaming the high cost of petrol and gas on “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine”. Are the public that stupid that they expect us to forget that prices have been rising ever since the US curtailed fracking and energy independence.

  2. Those who govern us believe that we must, at all times, be shit-scared of something, whether that’s mad ayatollahs, a virus, a changing climate, a malevolent Russian or the next fantasy fairy-tale fright. It’s the ‘bogeyman principle’ – if we’re frightened enough, we’ll then let them do whatever they want in order to ‘defend’ us from their helpful threat and we won’t ask too many questions because we know they’re working so hard doing all that just for us.
    The Roman Empire used the mantra of ‘bread & circuses’ to keep its population malleable, our lot have just added ‘eternal threat’ to the list.

    • Sadly this time they may have a point. Having a nutcase with a finger on the button is pretty scary. They should bring back Trump – then we can all die in peace.

      • Boris has his finger on the button and so does Biden and Macron and you are worried about a Russian who has his finger on his button.

  3. It’s Orwellian.

    Do you remember in 1984 there was the constant threat of an unknown enemy and the people were kept submissive by treating anyone who dissented as a traitor?

    Orwell suggested that the equivalent of bread and circuses was the provision of “football, beer, and above all, gambling.”

  4. I have made it a habit to let “news” items go in one ear and out the other over the past year or so. I have grown tired of being fed line after line of total crap. If broadcast news isn’t lying then they are simply repeating lies told to them by “sources at the “White House”. I know it isn’t Sleepy Joe; he doesn’t say anything other than what he reads on the teleprompter.

  5. John Ward (aka The Slog) calls us the 1in8 – meaning the vast majority of people have no reasoning or capacity for critical thought. They rely totally on the MSM and the papers for their info and cannot believe that they are being lied to. It is a bit of a bugger when you do wake up because there’s no going back to sleep once you’ve realised you’ve been had. I just concentrate on my archery and taking the dog for a walk these days; the time is long past where I tried to wake people up when all they do is moan in their sleep and pull up the metaphorical duvet in defiance.

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