The end of an era — 11 Comments

  1. When it comes to ‘climate change’, always remember those politicians who claim that, by charging you some extra taxes and forcing you out of your car, they can manage the temperature of the entire planet – well those are the very same politicians who have just expensively proved that they can’t even manage a trivial microscopic virus, so what self-delusion makes them think they could manage a vastly bigger job that’s just as impossible anyway? Charlatans the lot of them.

  2. Nobody ever gets asked what climate they would like.
    But the pollies assure us that they can change it.
    Seems a bit undemocratic. Why are they afraid to ask?
    Me? I would like that of the Basque region of France.

    • Stop that. You’ll be giving me hankerings to return there. In fact any climate from the southern half of France would do.

  3. On the odd occasion when I troll the climate liars I ask them what is the correct concentration of CO2. That of 100 years ago, 10000 years ago, a million years ago? It’s an obvious troll, I know, but they never have an answer. I’d like to hope that it makes the odd one think about the utter bollocks they’re spouting.

    • They love shouting about “the hottest year on record” or “the most storms aver” but they always forget to mention that proper records only go back a hundred or so years. Now if they had full and accurate records for the last few thousand years I might worry. Only might though.

      [P.S. I took the liberty of deleting your duplicate comment]

      • We don’t need all those records to note that, in the past, there have been ice-ages, some long, some short, but all of which were ended when the planet’s temperature warmed up again, that is called ‘global warming’.
        However, all that global warming happened entirely naturally, without a single coal-fired power-station, a single automobile engine or even a wood-burning stove anywhere on the planet. Now tell me that it’s all my fault. It’s nature, get over it, Greta.

  4. Let the climate change for shit sake! Up until a year ago I had lived in the temperate rain forest areas of Oregon. We have been in Oregon’s high desert for a little over a year now and all in all; the desert ain’t half bad.

    • We do seem to be getting a few extra storms all right but summers seem to be a bit better. I’m quite happy with that!

  5. “It would be interesting to place it in a Petrie dish to see what grows.”
    Don’t! I mean it! Do. Not. Do. This. You don’t want to know. Trust me.
    Some scientist or other has already done this with masks worn for about 20 minutes. Believe me, you don’t want to know.
    On another note: I’m so jealous. Here (Germany, where else?), we’re still discussing mandates. And if I want to visit a wildlife park, I need a test / QR-code. For visiting a park. Seriously. And the worst is: people go along. I despair.

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