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  1. An answer to your later point is that almost certainly there are already shadow troops on the ground, doing whatever they do.

    An interesting thought is that the peace-loving German government has just decided to send many thousands of missiles etc. to help – that may indeed sound helpful but how the hell do they plan to deliver ship-loads of ordnance when the whole country is a war-zone with its population dashing madly for all the exits? Even a Transit van full of sparklers would attract attention from the invaders. Either it’s just a virtue-signalling offer or they have established channels through which such huge volumes can easily be shipped – makes you think, doesn’t it?

    For the last 20 years, Ukraine has been one of the off-site bases used by the USA for its ‘dark ops’, all those nasty and bio things that they can’t be seen doing on home turf – one imagines that those facilities aren’t exactly unprotected by the USA’s own. So yes, almost certainly there are active units of other powers already on-site. The UK army is probably busy delivering diversity training sessions.

  2. The latest silliness is about SWIFT. Some Western morons, who must not understand where their heating and electricity originates, want to exclude Russia from the SWIFT inter-bank system, thus halting Russian oil & gas reaching Europe.
    This is most certainly an own goal and will encourage Russian-Chinese trade and energy exports to China. Perhaps it’s the wrong time of year to cut off one’s heating supplies!

    • They went to great pains to announce that some banking systems would be shut down, presumably leaving others in place? I would imagine they are aware of the energy business, just as Russia hasn’t bombed the main gas pipeline. Bombing that would cut off a major supply of Europe’s gas but the Russian gas suppliers would lose out too.

  3. Russia has never changed – it is a massive kleptocracy. It only exists as a country at all because of a series of authoritarian rulers.

    I would be glad if Putin was knocked out by a drone strike. However, what is annoying is the hypocrisy of Western leaders who don’t give a damn about the suffering of the innocent in wars elsewhere.

    • You can be sure there have been numerous plans to knock off Putin. The man is clearly insane. Or else he’s incredibly devious and has something else up his sleeve?

      • Indeed Putin is as slippery as a sackful of eels but I also believe he’s palpably insane. However, ruling by fear and surrounding yourself with a bunch of shit-scared “yes-men”*, whilst generally prolonging your life usually means that your knowledge of, and grasp of, reality is tenuous (to put it mildly).

        *See also Joe Stalin.

  4. As an aside; Liquor stores in British Columbia, Canada have joined the war effort by pulling Russian Vodka from their shelves.

    Make of that what you will.

    • That’s nearly as serious as banning Russia from the Eurovision Song Contest. Surely they’ll throw in the towel now?

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