A very simple question — 9 Comments

  1. All in all, most of the dogs I’ve known are smarter than half of the people I’ve interacted with.

    I make this statement in full belief that the half I refer to would probably say the same of me. (But what do they know anyway?)

  2. When I was at Junior School all those many years ago, I had a dog who would sit at the end of the road and wait for me to come home in the afternoon.I went home for my lunch as well and she never bothered then.Her name was Penny too so it must be the name that does it.

    • We used to have a dog that got excited at the front window when I was about fifteen minutes from home. The weird thing was that I would arrive home at irregular times, sometimes early, sometimes late, but she always somehow knew.

  3. Penny doesn’t work. She pays nowt, and accepts no responsibilities – yet all her needs and demands are met by you, at your expense, often in advance.

    Why are you even questioning such an obviously superior being?

  4. What do YOU do the evening before or shortly before the appreciated lady is due? 😉

    • Absolutely nothing different. Most times I have forgotten that it’s Tuesday and it’s Penny’s excitement that reminds me, She’s much better at remembering the days of the week. Though I wish she’d remind me to put the bins out on a Thursday night.

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