I know my place — 6 Comments

  1. Unmoved you may be about Ukraine, but ponder for a moment what actually happened. A non-NATO state was invaded by its hugely more powerful neighbour, aiming to regain the control of the smaller nation that it had ceded before. The rest of the world stood by and did nothing.
    Now ponder this, the Republic of Ireland is not a member of NATO so, if an expansionist neighbour (e.g. England) decided to regain control of that attractive plot of land you call home, the international precedent has now been established, the rest of the world will stand by and do nothing.
    Still unmoved?

    • The US have invaded several countries over the last few years. This problem was caused by NATO and the EU trying to provoke Russia and is no different to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

    • Completely unmoved. Where is the reporting and follow up on Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, along with his son? Whole thing stinks. When Hilary is charged and sentenced I may care a little bit. Until then, the MSM can wail all they like. The same MSM that did not cover the corrupt US elections, lied about Brexit, lied about covid and is covering for Trudeau right now. Ukraine? Not interested.

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