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  1. Isn’t it wonderful that we can do all these things online, except raise a complaint or get an explanation why they have ****ed up a simple transaction. AI will never replace the foreign call centres. I remember when we had Gas/Electricity/BT shops with real people to talk to!

    • I had to hunt for ages just to get someone in the banking phone system just to talk to me. Every option on their damned menus seemed to lead to a point where I had to enter my account number [which of course I don’t have]. After eight or nine attempts I finally found my way through and ended up speaking to a very nice chap who normally never dealt with new customers. He was sympathetic and managed to get me an appointment to see someone in the nearest branch. Crazy!

  2. DEASP? What was wrong with the Social Welfare?

    Can you have an employment affair in the office if you have no appointment?

    In the North it used to be called “the Bru.”

    (I had to look up SEAI – Seafood Exporters Association of India. The government must be outsourcing the work)

    • I always knew it as the Dole Office.

      SEAI = Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. Who the hell thinks up these names?

  3. The SEAI are one of the acronyms covering BER ratings for housing. We did try to find out about insulation grants, but after looking at the issues and the increased costs for using an ‘SEAI approved’ contractor who would have charged us 2000+ and taken two weeks to insulate our loft, we decided to hire a local builder who did it in four days for half that price.

    The ‘grant’ might have shaved 35% off the costs, but seeing as they were quoting double the price we saved money anyway, and no box ticking.

    Sympathies over Ulster Bank. We’ve had to go through the whole business from scratch. An Post provide basic banking and aren’t hard to set up, but as you say, it’s getting the pension provider to pay into a specific account that is the battle. Foreign pension providers are even worse. It takes months and a heavily inflated phone bill.

    • It was just sheer chance that I heard about 100% grants in certain circumstances. Happily I fit one of those circumstances. However, once I have run the gauntlet of getting various forms stamped I then join a queue to get an inspector out who in turn will presumably put me in a queue to get the job[s] done. The first phase will take up to two years. I’ll probably be dead by the next phase.

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