The springing of spring — 8 Comments

  1. The ground here looks sparse, but as soon as I see one snowdrop, hundreds more pop up soon after. They seem to go with the longer evenings and shout out that spring is on the way! All without any effort on my part – that’s the sort of gardening I like!

    • The first sign of snowdrops are second only to the Winter Solstice for cheering me up. They are the start of the real Spring cycle. First the Snowdrops, then the Frogspawn, then the leaf buds on the Weeping Birch. Soon birds will be nesting. Spring is riz all right.

      • I noticed ours shooting a week ago, Which seems early for us in the South Pennines.
        Couldn’t agree more about the uptick in spirits.

    • Usually I’m way behind everyone else because of the altitude. Daffodils can be in bloom in the village while they are only in bud here.

  2. In my little piece of the Oregon high desert country there isn’t much in the way of wind breaks. Scattered Juniper trees and Sagebrush. Drifting snow is the scourge up here. Yesterday I saw patches of my front and back yards for the first time in two months.
    On the upside, my snow shovel and I have become quite familiar.

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