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  1. My whole family had Omicron over Christmas – verified by the full test (not just lateral flow). This included my 90 year old mum, and two family members who are quite severely disabled.
    Not one of us had anything more than a mild sore throat and the sniffles. We have all had much worse colds- in fact the only reason we got tested was that a school let us know that a niece had been sitting an exam with 2 other girls who had tested positive.
    So Omicron is, to us, the thing we all hoped for- a very VERY mild variant that if we all could get might actually bring the whole farce to an end.

    So now they (our Gubmint, who are about as useless as yours seems) need another bogey man- and surprise, surprise, they are already claiming the next variant….

    • Indeed I have heard rumours of “Deltacron” [or somesuch name] bearing down on us. Ooooohh doesn’t it sound scary?

      Glad you all got through unscathed. I am hearing this quite a lot – just a sore throat or whatever. At least you now have better immunity than any lab cocktail!

      Incidentally, our lot have seen the light and vaccinations will not be mandatory. Pity. I was looking forward to the riots.

  2. Much like your health visitor, we have a large number of our state employees who were told get the jab or face termination. Many, including a large number of state highway maintenance employees replied with a resounding “HELL NO”.
    Now as the snow piles up, they are practically begging for drivers with snow plough experience to apply for those jobs.

    As an aside, I recently slapped a bumper sticker on my truck with a simple message; “My Governor is an Idiot”.

  3. They are all starting to panic. The pandemic looks to be fizzling out earlier than planned and they haven’t got the vaccine passports – to be later expanded into ID, social score, health data, police records, etc passports – fully distributed and accepted yet.

    • By the sound of things, this “Omicron” thing is little more than a dose of ordinary flu. I woud imagine that if they tested for the common cold or flu they would come up with equally “startling” numbers. Stop testing and we can all return to sane normality.

      Incidentally, they tried to bring in identity cards here some years back. Initially they were called “Public Services Cards” [I have one] and were required to gain access to Social Welfare payments [such as my state allowances]. They then tried to make them necessary to access all gubmint services [such as driving tests] but the expansion was blocked by our Data Protection Office after a storm of protests.

  4. As Woodsy42 says, political panic abounds, as the ‘narrative’ disintegrates. As cornered animals are unpredictable, so are our ‘great leaders’ – they must know by now that their nonsense has been seen through (by all but the terminally stupid).
    Vigilance is required if we are to survive the next few months without having more and more draconian restrictions imposed. They will not admit error, so will ‘double down’ with the illogical and pointless crap we’ve suffered for 2 years.
    PS: if an isolated nation, e.g., Iceland, with 100% jabbed population, is experiencing a surge in covid infections, it suggest very strongly that the mRNA fluids are creating the problem, not solving it. Why is this not obvious to these idiots?

    • Joseph Goebbels, a Hitler propagandist, is credited with saying this. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

      The only downside to that is, you come to believe it yourself. Governments around the world have insulated themselves from reality by cancelling and silencing alternative viewpoints and the British government, along with SAGE who tell them what to do, has become nothing more than a left wing echo chamber.

    • “Why is this not obvious to these idiots?”
      Because they believe in the narrative “Well, I got the first two jabs and the booster and now am infected – but I’m sure that I would already be dead withouth the jabs”.

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