Living with chaos and absent friends — 5 Comments

  1. I wasn’t complaining, just illustrating how wildly exciting life is here at the Manor. I am The Eternal Optimist.

    And GF turned up this morning full of the joys of Spring.

    • “I am The Eternal Optimist.”

      Same here grandad, I have learned over the years that is the best way to maintain ones sanity.
      Something else to throw in here, not related to the topic but I like it. My son and daughter in law have a small sign hanging on the living room wall whose origins I do not know, but I thought it to be a fine attitude.

      “Some people want to turn back their odometers; not me. I want people to know why I look the way I do. I’ve traveled a lot of miles and some of the roads were not paved.”

  2. Hmm, my Dr. was advocating a shingles vaccine recently.
    I said no, as to the last flu one or few.
    But I did get shingles a few years ago, and certainly chickenpox as a child.

    Your link is interesting as to recommendations of vaccine.
    I might ask him what he had proposed. Thanks!

    Glad for you to have the joys of spring as autumn approaches! ;=})

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