It never rains — 13 Comments

  1. We are in decent shape here, but it always seems like it isn’t quite as much as I thought it was.
    I’d much prefer to be in good shape rather than decent.

    I remind myself once in a while of something dad used to tell me.
    “Life is hard, get a helmet.”

    • I’m still in decent shape here, taking decent shape to mean I’m not worried about paying for just about anything that may crop up. I’m just slightly closer to the edge of decent shape than I was.

      • Well another thing dear old dad had to remind me of several times was “Son, you are never going to have everything you want, but as long as you have everything you need, you are ahead of a lot of folks”.

        He was a pretty smart old bird.

  2. Thank God you are still doing your bit to provide the world’s trees and plants with their preferred food -CO2.
    On the other hand perhaps the powers that be do not care if the world’s plants grow sickly and under-produce.
    If the population of the world is reduced by 50 per cent by a “vaccine” jabbing programme puny plants will, no doubt, supply sufficient.
    It feels much better now I understand that. Pheew.

  3. That has got me thinking. I have a metal tank installed behind the boiler and hot water tank combo all together in a little room. To replace it would mean breaking down the front wall and taking out the boiler to gain access.

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