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  1. “Who needs work anyway?”

    Indeed. I must confess that I’m sort of looking forward to being fired for my refusal to submit to the jab. I might be impoverished, but at least I won’t have to put up with the bullshit I’m surrounded with Every. Single. Day.

    Glad y’all got the fuel oil tank situation rectified. Amazing how fast those nest eggs can shrink…

    • The one thing I learned after retirement was just how much I could save by staying at home. When you add up the coast of commuting and all the items such as coffe breaks and lunch, it transpires that work is quite an expensive hobby. Add to that the joy of being your own master, using your time wisely and avoiding all the hassle and tensions that go with work then retirement can actually be an extremely happy time of life.

  2. I don’t have a mountain retreat, but I do have a ridge retreat.
    Upon my own retirement Karen and I moved to the high desert country of North Central Oregon to be closer to the grandkids.

    Our place is in a cluster of houses that was built for officer and noncom housing for a USAF radar station built in the 50’s and closed in the early 70’s.

    Retirement is good and while I don’t miss the work I do miss a lot of the people, (I was there for just shy of 30 years.)

    • I do miss the chats in the canteen al right. I also miss doing my rounds of the various departments and the banter with all the people in radio and television. Sadly I have outlived a lot of them now anyway. It’s a cruel world sometimes.

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