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  1. We come back because………you have a sense of humour and don’t mind the odd swear word. There are other points of course. We like your forthright approach. You speak or write your mind. Very refreshing in this time of wokery.

    • There is a lot of talk about this “wokery” thing. What the hell is it? It’s a word that baffles me somewhat. Is it something to do with Snowflakes and Millennials?

  2. I rarely use the flashlight on my phone and ebooks are on my I Pad. Normally I don’t look twice at anything “Apple” but it is a hand me down from my daughter. (Would that make it a hand me up?).
    At any rate, the battery is charged every evening as I prefer working puzzles and such on the tablet to anything on tv.

    • You should move to Linux. There’s a scary number of games, puzzles and the like and all free. Not that I’ve installed any [*cough*].

  3. Yes, batteries are a permanent nuisance. I have an old Kindle, no backlight, switches to turn pages and it runs about 3 weeks between charges even with daily use. My original one eventually broke, the switches wore out, but I snagged another old one from a friend. It’s wonderful, it works when you need it! Every other rechargable item I own is a pain, I have piles of stuff, old phones, two cordless drills, garden tools, Android tablets, Fitbit etc. All of it in perfect condition because I look after stuff, but all are useless because the batteries no longer hold charge and are either impossible or stupidly expensive to replace. And they want me to have a battery car – good luck with that!

    • I bought a cordless hedge-trimmer. It worked fine for a while but the battery is useless. I now have a mains driven one. In fact all my tools are mains driven. I just don’t trust batteries. And as for a battery car……..!

  4. It is possible to pry open the case and change the batteries, but given the cost pf the batteries, the difficulty in prying open the case verses the price of new kindle, it usually make more sense to buy a new one. All of your previous books will still ne available.

    it is bit of the razor and razor blades market. They sell the Kindle at at a low price knowing most people will spend far more on book than they did on the kindle.

  5. “There is one unusual feature of a Kindle. It has no screws. There is no way of dismantling it or accessing the battery.”

    Many of these apparently ‘sealed’ things are held together by hidden clips along a seam. Be encouraged that if it was able to be put together, there ought to be a way to take it apart! You might find your model somewhere in this results page.

    • Brilliant! Yup. Found mine [it’s the Kindle Paperwhite]. So yes – it does have a cleverly concealed crack around the edge. I’m always a bit nervous of devices that clip together and am afraid of breaking them when opening. I’ll keep that experiment for emergencies.

  6. I recommend switching off WiFi (flight mode) and only switching it on when needing it for downloads. Your kindle battery will last weeks then.

    • Naturally I didn’t think of that! The battery had been lasting a good while [several days] and suddenly it’s draining a lot faster. It’s now in flight mode so we’ll see how that works. Thanks for the reminder.

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