Allowing foreigners in — 15 Comments

    • Where did you get the idea I was disdainful of their little invention? I have nothing for or against it.

      Now if you want to hear real disdain then let’s talk about those fucking vaccines!

      • Reading the comment again, I can see where it’s not terribly clear. It’s not actually the invention itself but the resulting hysteria. I can assure you that we are in complete agreement as to the vaccines.

        I don’t believe any government (or government representative) has ever let a dire emergency go to waste.

  1. Bots, spammers. When I used to do web analytic for a living (of sorts) most of the log traffic was robots and spammers, even the results from Google Analytics were infested with spam.

    • My first thought too. There are some indications for and against that theory. For it is the fact that all visits are flagged as Ios and all seem to be Class A IP addresses. Against is that they average two and a half minutes per visit and a lot come via web referral [mostly Baidu]. I suppose they could be spammers all right as spam just gets deleted before I even get to hear about it. From my Dashboard – “Stop Spammers has prevented 66487 spammers from registering or leaving comments.”

      The Indian ones do have the hallmark of bots, all right.

    • Welcome Peter! No. Definitely not Cambodia as that doesn’t feature at all on the list. Are you sure that’s where you are? It’s an easy mistake to make?

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