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  1. It wont last Grandad here in South East Asia in the next few weeks you wont be allowed in the shops unless you can prove you have had the 2nd Jab.
    As we speak, Australian police and military are rounding up people who test positive for COVID. For now, they are being tossed into hotels. But soon, this single camp will be able to hold 3,000 people for “mandatory quarantine accommodation.” And the “golden ticket to freedom” according to health officials will be the COVID vaccine. It’s bad. Really bad.
    This saying is very true ….. You don’t know how good it was till its gone.

    • We already have the “certificates” here, though I haven’t seen any sign of them being used. Mandatory quarantine has been in place for ages for anyone coming into Ireland [unless you’re a politician and therefore apparently immune to the Virus]. The worst is supposed to be behind us.

      Of course there is still the Winter Flu season yet to come?

    • Same thing is going on here Captain, but I’m ready for them. When they ask me for proof I intend to ask the same from them.

      “Why would I want to eat here if you can’t prove that the staff has had all their shots? You folks are going to be handling my food for shit sake!”

    • Face ache and shingles were in temporary remission. They returned with a vengeance that afternoon!

      For reasons only she knows, Penny flatly refused to come with me.

  2. It was indeed good to see you!

    As I said, I regarded being able to sit there as comparable to winning the lottery.

    Spending September to December last year, teaching four hundred different students each week, pushing through crowded corridors of noisy teenagers, without mask or visor, or anything else, I came to the conclusion that continuing to shake hands was consistent with government guidelines so carried on doing so.

    • As far as I am aware, guidelines here state that handshaking is verboten. I pay a lot of attention to the guidelines.

  3. “The elbow bump is up there with the mask in my list of Covid hatreds. It is a naff, twee invention that didn’t really serve any purpose.”

    Oh, thank god, I thought I was the only person who had to grit my teeth when watching people do that!

    • I cringe whenever I see it done, in particular when I see heads of governments or other officials doing it. It’s really fucking childish.

      • Another one cringing here … and I never saw the slightest bit of sense in it: If you do that stupid elbow bump you get closer to each others face than with a good old-fashioned handshake, no?

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