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    • You have just given me an idea. Maybe I should build my own log-in page built on their model? It would be a challenge to make one as convoluted…..

  1. Last year, I lived on a road that had a level crossing. Sometimes the barriers would stay down to allow trains to pass from both directions. Most trains were diesel multiple units, but occasionally there were locomotive pulled trains. I decided that if there was a day when the barriers came down to allow locomotive drawn trains to pass from both directions, I would buy a lottery ticket (the timetable did not admit of this possibility).

    Anyway, there must have been a train delayed because one day, I waited at the crossing and locomotives passed in both directions. I immediately went to the Co-op and bought a lottery ticket with two lines of numbers.

    My guess was right and the passing locomotives meant that they were both winning lines and that I won £11.20. This represented a profit of £6.20 on my investment and brought an end to my participation in the lottery.

  2. Somewhere out there on the internet is a username “ohforfucksakeIcouldntbe arsedanymore” that got accepted. Needless to say, I never logged in ever again. Nice post. I identified completely!

  3. Try turning off your tracking protection, your adblocker and refresh the (lottery) page 5 times, stand up and turn around 3 times widdershins. Spit once, sit down and try again. It probable won’t help at all but Herself might get a chuckle out of it. Don’t forget to wipe the spit off the floor. You might slip.

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