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  1. I am so sorry for your pain Grandad and hope that it abates soon. Sending you and a prayer for relief.

    • What? Never heard of Skunk? Never heard of Doobies? You must lead a sheltered life?

      Skunk = Cannabis with high THC content.

      Doobie – Roll yer own / Rollie / Spliff / whatever the local terminology is….

  2. I see a lot of blogs I follow are only publishing irregularly. Give yourself a break. We all understand. Shingles is a horror! People don’t seem to have a solution for the pain. I send you deep commiserations. And love.

  3. Is this an adverse reaction? Just a thought. I’ve had a few very odd pimples I’ve never had before. Under a magnifier they look just like little volcanoes -dead round with a hole in the top but nowt comes out and they are hard as hell and bloody hurt if I try to give the two-thumb-nail treatment.
    Or I picked something up on my last trip to LaLa land. Buggers

    • My case was a rash of watery blisters covering the side of my head, down my neck and onto my back. They all quickly became a sticky rash which itches and hurts like hell. Messy! And I’ll probably end up looking like I have the Mange.

    • I had to think abut this one. When was I last driving around the M50? Then I realised what you meant. Welcome back!

  4. Have they prescribed Acyclovir for you? It worked well with my Mother-in-law’s shingles. I use it to control my Keratitis, so no shingles for me! (hopefully)

    • Thanks for that. I’ll ask Doc [he’s supposed to call here at some point]. At this stage I’d try anything!

  5. The itching they describe as a symptom is in reality a hot searing burning feeling. I only had it on a thigh from my knee radiating upward and it was seventeen years ago. I have since that time discovered the wonderful properties of coconut oil. Have you tried that? It works on burning itching type things, and so much more. You poor old sod. The pain is incredible.

    • Hot searing burning is an excellent description. Coconut oil sounds fine except for one small problem – the worst affected area is the side of my head [from top to neck] underneath my gorgeous flowing locks. Herself would only start nagging me that my hair looks greasy or oily!

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