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  1. Gotta be the same Pfizer side affect that got you grandad. On the other hand with all the “Experts” popping up these days there may be one who can explain how cross infection is not only possible; but very likely. They probably won’t show up however unless a TV camera is close by.

  2. As for losing everything you had so carefully typed in… look for a Chrome or Firefox addon / extension called “Textarea Cache”.

    • Textarea Cache has been part of my essential toolkit for years. I was using literary licence anyway – what I meant was scrolling down a massive page putting items [and their quantities] into my “basket”. Textarea doesn’t work for that!

  3. Maybe you have had Covid? Shingles is definitely a side effect of that. Shingles is pretty common, even before Covid. You could find several people with it in one village. I know. I lived in a village. I had shingles. And so did others. I was told to keep away from kids. I could give them chickenpox!

    • I very much doubt I have had Covid, if only because my contact with The Great Unwashed is rather limited. What I would love to know is whether I would have developed shingles if I hadn’t had the jab. Too late to find that out now?

  4. I had shingles just once, a few years ago, and recently my doctor offered a “shingles vaccine”.
    I haven’t taken it up yet;- I’d thought that I might be immune enough from that first time, but I don’t know.
    But this herbal concoction really did give me relief, as good or better than the old Calamine, if I remember that correctly?

    I’m not sure if these image links will work, or even if they’re allowed, or will convey the information outside that anyway.

    Of course, living alone, it would have been be helpful to have a friend massage it into the area. But I managed, strange relief.

    Surprised, really. It really did help. Maybe the UK has some kind of similar offbeat folk who can offer similar stuff?

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