A little touch of caution — 11 Comments

  1. Pity there is very little or no natural immunity, the only sort that will really work against a spectrum of Sars-Cov varieties.
    We don’t want the man made so-called “vaccines” to face too much competition do we?

  2. I am in the South Island. I could not believe it when I heard that because someone 1000 km away and on another island had contracted the virus, that the rest of the country had to close. I did the weekly shop this morning and the roads were very quiet. Apart from everyone keeping their distance and a lot of mask wearers, most things seemed normal. Roll on the next election and lets get rid of her.

  3. It’s ‘C17 in Japan time’ for NZ! A closed society, prised open firstly by the Dutch and then British traders.

    Now why would the Chinese want their puppet to close her borders? Apply Occam – minerals or military base perhaps?

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