A little touch of caution — 11 Comments

  1. Well they did elect a totally gormless SJW/woke cloth-eared bint as their PM. What did you expect?

  2. They claim this case was ‘community acquired’ which implies another, probably non symptomatic, case.
    There will be more.

  3. Pity there is very little or no natural immunity, the only sort that will really work against a spectrum of Sars-Cov varieties.
    We don’t want the man made so-called “vaccines” to face too much competition do we?

  4. I am in the South Island. I could not believe it when I heard that because someone 1000 km away and on another island had contracted the virus, that the rest of the country had to close. I did the weekly shop this morning and the roads were very quiet. Apart from everyone keeping their distance and a lot of mask wearers, most things seemed normal. Roll on the next election and lets get rid of her.

    • It certainly seems to be a bit of an over-reaction all right. Sledgehammers and nuts spring to mind.

  5. The commie PM has to show her authority her boss in China will be happy.
    People get the politicians they deserve.

  6. It’s ‘C17 in Japan time’ for NZ! A closed society, prised open firstly by the Dutch and then British traders.

    Now why would the Chinese want their puppet to close her borders? Apply Occam – minerals or military base perhaps?

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