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  1. The Irish Government has probably, like the UK one, given the vaccine manufacturers an indemnity against such claims to short-circuit the normal multi-year drug-testing programmes in order to get the vaccine delivery up and running sooner. Hence any action would need to be taken against the government, not the ‘innocent’ manufacturer – good luck with that.

    • That indemnity thing was one of the big alarm bells at the time. If it’s so good why do they need indemnity?

      It doesn’t matter. I’ll probably sue the HSE. They are well used to paying multi million damages every few months.

  2. I am apfraid that pfizer might have a Get Out Opf Gaol Pfree card.
    The Wizards at Pfizer negotiated a pfiddle, no, a deal whereby your, and mine, Really Caring For The Pfeople gubments agreed that we would gratefully take their shi…sorry Medicinal Compound opfpf their hands for a mere 30 pieces opf silver per shot, and the alchemists, who now pfind that they can turn shit into gold, cannot be prosecuted.
    Talk about paying for the silken, gold threaded, rope you get hanged with.

    • As I said above, I’ll sue the HSE instead. There are regular news items about some new unfortunate whose life has been destroyed by their negligence. They throw multi-milliom awardsaround like confetti

  3. Grandad,
    Sorry to hear that. Take care my friend. Regards making a claim, as stated above good luck with that.
    Hell, there’s millions upon millions being made and you ‘aint getting any of it, okay?
    If your good lady got punctured at the same time as you, may I, on behalf of all your readers, wish her all the very best of luck in avoiding any and all possible side effects.

    • One thing about Shingles is that apparently not very contagious. It’s all got to do with the Chickenpox virus or something. It seems the only thing I can give her is Chickenpox itself, but she’s had that.

      • I heard years ago that you can only get Shingles if you’ve had chicken pox, and I decided I would take my chances when offered a chicken pox vaccination (the few times I was offered it). Apparently it (chicken pox) is having its revenge now.

        • Shingles and Chicken Pox are caused by the same virus. Essentially, Shingles is just a resurgence of Chicken Pox which has bee lying dormant for years

  4. I feared you had found a television channel worth watching and were watching every programme, lest it suddenly disappear.

    Shingles is horrible. I hope that it soon relents.

  5. I feel your pain, Grandad. I am in the process of weaning myself off gabapentin which I have been taking for a couple of years now. The shingles pain is still there but I’m trying to downsize my medicine cabinet.

  6. I hope you got on antivirals the moment you realised it was Shingles. Shingles is triggered by Covid virus, so you probably have that rather than vaccination effect. Your own body hides the chickenpox virus which sometimes gets triggered by stress. I hope it leaves you soon. Sorry for your pain. Been there,know that.Get well soon!

  7. I had shingles in my late 20’s. I feel for you. It’s not fun. I hope you get better quickly.

  8. Hi GD & get well soon, etc.

    Don’t forget to send in a Yellow Card report or whatever the equivalent is in Ireland. The only way that adverse reactions get logged is if they get reported.

    There is a fair case to be made that the Covid Vaccine is a net positive for old(er) folks like your good self, but at the moment the pressure is on to jab ’em all, even youngsters.

    I looked at UK gov data* the other day and it’s easy to show that kids under 20 are 20 times less likely to die of the Covid than the jabbed are of dying after getting their experimental injections. We should not be injecting young people.


    (*links & calculation on request)

    • Granddaughter the Elder lives with her father and has had the jab [she’s 16]. The other three Grandkids are under Daughter’s care and she is against their being vaccinated.

      Isn’t it strange how not so long ago the “experts” were saying that it#s fine for schools to reopen as kids were virtually immune, and now they want to urgently jab them?

  9. Oh, I am so saddened for you dear man. Why on earth did you find it necessary to take that damnable clot shot? Never mind. What’s done cannot be undone. Shingles are horrible. I pray that is ALL you have to deal with because of the scam.

    • I was quite determined not to get the shot but then Doc showed up one night and we had a long debate. Eventually he convinced me that with our underlying conditions [Strokes in Herself’s case and Heart Attack in mine] that the odds were better with the vaccine. We’ll never know if he was right, as maybe we’d both be dead of the Virus now if we hadn’t taken the jab?

      • Except that there is no such thing as Covid. Never was. Never even been isolated. All is a scam. Sorry you had to endure all that.

  10. Mega sympathy, Shingles is an arse I had a bout 10 years ago, like you it affected a band over my head. I looked like the elephant man. Lost 40% of my hearing in both ears (permanently) and both eyes affected too. Needed gabapentine for six months before the nerve pain died down. Trouble is it can and will recur if your immune system is weakened by other things. You can head off the recurring attacks if you start antiviral pill course as soon as you feel that first prickling i.e within 48 hours.
    As you recover ask Doc for a reserve set of antiviral pills to keep in your cupboard on standby.

    It’s localised because the virus lurks in your central nervous system and expresses down the set of nerves nearest the source. In my case that was a set high-up my spine. If you’ve ever had chickenpox you have the virus dormant there. Best plan is to do all you can to keep your immune system fit.

    • welcome Stephen. You paint a cheerful prognosis! Yes, mine started in the base of my neck and that seems to be the main area of attack. Leastwise that’s where the majority of the damage seems to be so far, I too am getting swellings – large egg sized one under my eye and another big one on the neck. I look forward to the weight loss though as it will save me some exercise.

  11. Damnation Grandad, I’m sorry you ended up with this. Like you really needed this kind of thing at this time of your life? Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.

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