Dredging the bottom — 7 Comments

  1. We do the same. We have a PC hooked up to the big telly and watch all our stuff on that. I think we’ve seen all the films now.
    That crap on the telly with the lip plumped thickos always tends to spawn some other tat. ‘Celebs do the gardening’, ‘Celebs have a poo’, ‘Celebs trip on a broken paving stone and sue the council’.
    ‘Celebs’ is just a code word for thick as mince, non-entities who’ve been on some reality TV show and made a tit of themselves

    • One of the few staged programmes I watch is The Apprentice. What staggers me is the total lack of education in the contestants. I remember one girl who didn’t even know where Dover was [Is it on the coast somewhere?!!]

  2. I remember the early-Eighties when people on the east coast of Ireland had twenty foot aerials on their roofs to receive the four British channels and people further west thought those on the coast were privileged!

    • Then along came colour television and the arials had to go up to about fifty feet with a large array on the top!

  3. The broadcast TV here in New Zealand is almost entirely unadulterated shite with frequent and long ad breaks. As a result we watch a lot of Youtube where a lot of the amateur stuff is well up to professional standards. We also have Netflix, Acorn and Beamafilm which means we can get as much good stuff as we wish without the annoying interruptions.

  4. Since we banned all piped in television (broadcast, cable, sat, etc) and stuck to watching movies and reading books, both being avid readers and judges of quality movies, our minds are kept duly entertained all year around. The only drawback to this is the “library” upstairs is becoming so stuffed with books, many hard cover, and our DVD/Blu-ray collection of movies is becoming so vast that I might have to build an extension onto the house just to contain all of them. It’s either that or sell and buy a bigger house.

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