The Final Solution — 15 Comments

  1. The polar bear picture was staged, as I’m sure you know. There are more polar bears today (than during August every year this century) – when will these climate doomsayers stop lying?

  2. In the annals of history, you will surely go down as one of the world’s greatest philosophers. Who knew? Oh, wait. Scratch that annals stuff.

  3. Grandad, you just found the solution to climate change, covid, all other bio threats, animal liberation, world hunger, the threat from nuclear annihilation, smoking, alcoholism and many other things that I can’t quite remember at the mo.

  4. Alternatively when you are flying off to stay in some nice hotel be sure to make some comment about the weather over dinner.
    “Phew! What a scorcher at the beach today. Had to take a dip in the lovely lukewarm sea every half hour.
    And, lo, you are at a climate conference and your emissions have no effect.

    Maybe I could have worded that last sentence better.

    The only snag is that you will have to pay for your own attendance at your conference.
    However you will be immune to the WuFlu. And you will be ushered past all immigration inconveniences.

    • you will have to pay for your own attendance at your conference“. Have you never heard of Expense Accounts?

  5. A few things caught my eye over the last few days.
    First the 12 Irish MEPs are costing the taxpayer Euro 24 million a year.
    Second they now want to bring in Green taxes having the last two years destroying jobs,small-business and talking peoples freedom away. All this while China and India the worlds biggest polluters get a free pass.
    Why do people keep voting for these clowns?

    • In defence of our Irish friends, they don’t get a choice of a non-clown, they’ll all clowns, just wearing different make-up.
      But if the voters don’t vote for any of the clowns, that suggests they don’t care anyway, so the clowns can behave even worse. That’s democracy for you – when all the candidates are self-selected clowns, where can you turn?

    • That’s Americans for you – they can’t do anything right,

      How about this. Is this better?

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