Counting my blessings — 5 Comments

  1. On the Kindle. Amazon will blather on about how the battery will last for a week or more but the reality for the avid (retired) reader, like you and I, the battery is lucky to last 2 days if that. Why is this? Looking at the fine print you'll see that advertised battery life is based on 1/2 hour of reading per day. A half hour of reading? It may me wonder what exactly they're basing that on. What are they reading anyway? The backs of cereal boxes?

    • I still value my old style Kindle, no backlight and buttons for page turning, but battery life of at least a couple or often 3 weeks even with frequent daily use. Great for holidays (if anyone remembers those). I wore out one and had to find a decent second hand one to avoid the newer battery eater variants.

  2. After spending a lot of time with my ereader, when I return to a real book I'll occasionally attempt to turn the page by swiping. Then I look around to see if anybody noticed. blush

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