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  1. Don't care about Bill Cosby or Britney Spears one bit. The WHO blathering on about the delta variant is getting annoying but the real concern for me is that it's been too hot and wet to mow the lawn. There's also other outdoor projects that need to get done that can't be done if it's raining. Especially outside projects involving power tools.

    Glad your grumpiness was finally justified. Nothing like justification to make your day brighter. Carry on, sir. Carry on.

    • Hot and wet?  From the hysterical reports I've been getting, rain must surely be falling as steam?

      • Oh yeah, other parts of the US are roasting. For example, 111 degrees F in Western Oregon. Really? Not quite as bad though as a small town farther north in Western Canada where it hit 121 F. Here in the Northeast where we are it only managed 90 F but with 80% humidity and rain to go with it, it felt like Florida for awhile. Meanwhile the West and parts of the Midwest are burning up.

        • We are on the eastern side of Oregon in the high desert country, about 60 miles south of the Columbia. We had three days that broke 110. 

  2. Bill Cosby, the black comedian, was the greatest stand up comic of the 60's.  He was very family oriented.  In the 70's he became a bit adult oriented but in the 80's he had a number one hit family oriented TV show, The Cosby Show.  Now in the 70's he was a bit of a "playa" in that he was at most every party at the Playboy mansion.  He was always photographed with a new woman seemingly every week though he was married..
    Now in 2005 comes a lady who claims that he gave her drugs and raped her at some point in the past.  Now in my humble opinion I believe he gave her drugs.  I also believe they were happily accepted and willingly taken after wich they had sex.  The county District Attorney agreed not to prosecute him on this charge if he agreed to give testimony in a civil case.  It was agreed by all.  Then in 2018 the new democrat DA decides to prosecute him anyway.  They found him guilty and threw him in jail.  It took going all the way to the Supreme Court of Pennslyvania for a judge to finally say that an agreement is an agreement.
    They released him from prison.  He is a free man

    • That must have caused quite a dilemma for a Democrat: Prosecute to appease the #metoo feminist harpies, or don't prosecute to appease the BLM mob.

  3. I would have imagined a conservator as having something to do with archaeology. 

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