A new definition of insanity — 8 Comments

  1. Sadly, the truth of the old epithet "The lunatics are running the asylum" becomes more self-evident each passing day. Equally on our side of the water as on yours.

  2. Why is the Delta variant greatly more deadly in Ireland than it is in England, where restrictions are to end on 19th July? Who devises the algorithms?

  3. Hang on, Grandad! Do you mean to tell us your Gubmint has borrowed a quarter of a million million? That's 250 thousand million, isn't it? With about 5 million people in the Republic, I make that 50,000 for every man, woman and child. They couldn't possibly go into debt on your behalf to that scale…could they? Tell me it ain't so. They must have a cunning plan…mustn't they?

    • No cunning plans so far as I know.  The figures are correct.  The two of us here will owe €100,000 while Daughter with her brood will owe €250,000!  Basically it's so high for three reasons – insane spending [2 billion for one hospital?  A quarter of a million for one printer?], the fact that we are still paying for bailing out the banks after the crash and the fact that we [taxpayers] have been paying the wages of all the people laid off because of the pandemic for the last year.

  4. Here in plague island, we have the daily numbers of those giving positive results of the Wuflu, but not whether they needed hospital or medical treatment, followed by the number of deaths. However, no one mentions if the deceased died of the virus or with the virus, nor does anyone mention how many people died from other causes (in London, it appears that more people die from machete wounds than covid). Statistics can mean anything you want them to mean and the numpties in Downing Street know that the majority here will just blindly accept those figures.

  5. Meanwhile the WHO is now blabbering on about re-masking the unmasked vaccinated once again due to this delta variant that's so incredibly more transmissible than the original strain–or so they say. That's including indoors as well. All the old restrictions back in place etc and so-on. And Fauci is yapping about it as well in his usual rambling, "I won't admit to anything…", way of saying things despite what the headlines say. Thankfully, the CDC has been quiet about the whole thing so far. God only knows what the future may bring.

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