Easter tidings — 8 Comments

  1. So you got the Whirling Dervish grass thrasher working, and still have all your toes?

    I can see you crouched over the wheel, flat cap on back to front, squinting through vintage glass goggles, white silk scarf trailing back over your shoulder, like a 1920s TT driver. The evidence of your satanic speed, and manic grin, being the host of flies flattened on your dentures.

    What long lost artifacts, lost in the long grass, did you, or rather your spinning blade of death, discover. No missing persons, dog toys, radio sets hurled out a window in disgust, Amazon deliveries strangely un-delivered.

    And are you now flogging fresh meadow hay for rabbit hutches and gourmet hay box chefs?

    Re the variants, there has been a terrible dearth of jokes about folk having the Brazilian. 

    As for the Irish, one of the symptoms would be the adoption of full-on Hollywood Hibernianism, begorrah, bejasus, and top o'the mornin' to ye , and the rest of the day to mesel craic, sudden attacks of impromptu hopping up and down with arms rigid at sides,  etc. etc.

    • The one major casualty of the mowing was the filter off the lake's water fountain pump. I haven't a fucking clue how that ended up in the long grass but it was royally minced.  I suppose that means a new pump……

  2. As with so many things these days, (actually years now); the "rules" are for thee…not for me.

  3. Was An Taoiseach the seventh person at the event? If so, that was the problem The virus doesn't attack if there are six or less.

    • Maybe he was treated to a €9 meal while he was there?  That also gives indemnity.

  4. It's an even smarter virus in Britain, where schoolkids were made to wear masks on the school-bus but, once in the classroom, that same bunch of kids were banned from wearing masks.  That fiendishly clever virus can even tell the difference between a bus and a building – something which it seems many of our politicians would struggle to emulate most of the time.

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