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  1. Dear sir

    You may be interested to know that after about 15 mouse clicks I can get my poor old PC set up correctly for an evening's surfing. One of the recent updates fucked everything up–wrong region wrong language etc. But it is worth the effort.

    First port of call your blog diary. I've noticed you have barely missed a day recently and I have greatly valued that. You have a damn sight more fun than I do so reading about your exciting life is much anticipated.  Please don't stop. By the way it is "piqued". Do I win a prize?

    • "recent updates fucked everything up"  May I hazard a guess?  Windows?  [*snigger*]

      If your life is less than exciting than mine then you must be dead, or at the very least in a coma.

      Thanks for the "piqued".  No prize.  I fuck up too often.

  2. My hair would be raised excitedly if I had any!

    It's not so much your activities (which are good to follow – walks to the village, Penny, etc.), but your attitudes, especially to our idiot masters, which make this 'diary' so interesting.

  3. I  now live in New Zealand so we have missed the worst of the stupidity. However it has been replaced by a different kind.The government are refusing to allow in the Pacific Islanders who normally flock here every year to pick the fruit harvest.Even though none of the islands concerned have not had a single case of the Lurgi our precious Princess is refusing to budge. This means that the fruit is beginning to rot on the trees and the vital economic boost for the islands is now missing.I dread to think what a kilo of apples is going to cost next year even if they are available.

    Please keep going with the blog,it is one of my daily reads.

    • There is the same problem here with fruit harvesting.  Apparently the Poles and Romanians are sorely missed.

  4. I distinctly recall the days when you sent tourists up to the bogs and had a local skirmish going on with the (then) neighbor(s). Since then I'm still reading your writings, commenting or not, and reading many of them out loud to the wife who still chuckles/laughs every time.

    Yes, there will be a time when all good things must end (you can't cheat death ya' know) so perhaps, sometime in the future, you can arrange the care and feeding of this site to a (much) younger person (no, not me), if they be willing, as an online archive of your unique and often humorous insights and adventures real or exaggerated imaginary. Put it in your will if you must but make it happen. Your brain farts must not vanish into the mists of time.

    • Jayzus but you're being cheerful?  Can't you at least wait until I'm out of the room before discussing my demise?

      I'll probably leave it up to Daughter who will promptly forget to pay the bill, and that will be that……

      • I thought I was being very cheerful and funny as well. As things stand though you may outlive me. You never know.

        Just think of it. "The rambling thoughts of a hundred year old Irish Grandad"

  5. Can’t you call it a bldiary  ,  or something, mangling words together is quite the thing nowadays 

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