Easter Resurrection — 19 Comments

    • The wheels are fixed [it was a right bastard of a job].  Now I just have to get it started.  It will start.  I know it will……..

      And many happy returns.

  1. "Assuming the engine still works . . ." Should have proved that first, if it's knackered, you may have just wasted €100 on inner-tubes and a battery.   Cart before horse-power, as some may say.

    • Of course it will work.  Have you no faith?  I don't expect it to start on the first attempt.  After all it has been lying idle for well over a year.

      So far I have only shelled out for the tubes so I'm only €40 down.  If I can get it running with jump leads then I'll go for the battery.

      • Bloody hell. There is just her indoors, you, Penny and next doors cat. How much lamb could you knock back on the Sabbath?

        • You underestimate my capacities for throwing a barbecue party.  There again, it will probably snow.

  2. Must be a handy welder chappie about that can do something with the rust, access much easier than typical car welding needs.

    My Hayter started second pull during the week, have faith.

  3. How good are you with fiberglass? I had an old Morris Minor that i fixed the gaping hole in the boot with a perfect application of f’glass and resin. 

    • Genius!!  I did a huge job on my first Mini using Isopon and perforated zinc sheeting.  I had completely forgotten about that.

  4. Bloody hell! I showed that pic to a landscape gardener mate, and he said your best plan would be to have it ploughed, have it harrowed a few times, then seed it. With regular mowing and rolling* you could have quite a decent bit of turf in 500 years time, he said.

    *And watering, but I told him it was in Ireland.

    • That sounds like hard work.  I don't do hard work.  Anyway, I have neither plough nor harrow.  I used to have a Merry Tiller but it disappeared sometime in the dim distant past.

  5. If it’s a common machine you can buy a deck for €100-200, they’re easy to change and should take about an hour. As for the engine they’re always fine providing you keep oil in them. I’ve tidied a few ‘write offs’ including the one I bought ten years ago that still cuts my lawns to this day. 

    • Now that the tyres are fixed, the only problem is that the battery doesn't hold its charge.  It must be near forty  years old so it must be due retirement.  I'm not that pushed about the deck.  I'll just make sure there are no Grandkids around when I'm mowing.

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