The need for speed — 6 Comments

  1. From my own experience on narrow country roads, a knowledge of the local milking times is essential when contemplating speed.

    To come round a corner and find yourself gliding on a slick of cow shit towards the backsides of the shit donors is not funny.  I remember the wide, wide eyes of the herds boy as I came to a stop feet from the rearmost rear.

    A lesson on basic physics, Mrs Newton's wee boy's first Law,  and friction, zero, of cow shit and I made sure never to repeat the experience.

    As for sheep? A sheep will watch you approach and when you are ten feet (do your own metric conversion) from the beast it will decide that the other side of the road is irresistable and step out.


    • Cattle and sheep aren't a problem.  Here it's the deer.  Many times I have had to slam on the breaks because a deer has shot out in front of me.  Once I even had a stand-off with a stag who reckoned I was a male competitor.

  2. Not being tied to times is a great benefit of retirement.  Except my daughter, woken up early every day by small grandchildren, suggests visit at 10am!  Before breakfast!

  3. The hardest place to play would be on the boreens. You turn off a wide major road which may have a speed limit of 60 km/h onto a track where the limit is 80km/h.

    • You have obviously driven the back roads of West Cork?  An 80Km limit and grass down the middle of the road.

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