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  1. How about a job in what we now call "the hospitality industry".

    I imagine that some of your retorts to stroppy, awkward, diners would be memorable. as in;-

    What could you suggest for a vegan with nut, gluten, spice and soya allergies.

    Might I suggest a taxi.

    Unashamedly plagiarised from source unknown. 


    • One well-known restauranteur with little tolerance of the faddy types, when asked "What's the vegan alternative?" usually replies "Fuck off somewhere else".   Top man.

      • There is a problem in that "the hospitality industry" here is an endangered species and all but extinct.  We have just passed the first anniversary of the closing of pubs.  Small restaurants and cafés haven't fared much better.  So if I got a job there, I'd be out of work.

  2. Those of us still able to think for ourselves are waiting all right, there's something bloody wrong about all of what's been going on, we've got that uncanny feeling that something awful is coming down the line just not quite sure what form its going to take yet, but equally we're sure it isn't going to be in our interests and someone else stands to make a hell of a lot more money than they already wallow in out of whatever they have planned, and as usual us plebs will be footing the bill.

    Is it us? i go to the supermarket and i'm the only bugger in there not masked up, i get asked by others in my age group if i've had the job, No i haven't and No i'm not bleeding well going to have it either, they're having it because they believe by doing so they can go to the pub again or go on holiday, they actually believe things will go back to normal once we're all proudly bearing the mark of the beast, so far no one's openly been hostile to my face but had enough abuse online from the usual lefties, and yes it is always those from the left who resort to abuse.

    Luckily my fair lady has a mind of her own and feels exactly the same, even better my 30 something daughter is as untrusting of whats going on as we are, its cost her friendships because some of her peers can't abide anyone who deviates form the hymnsheet of the day, she and her chap (solid reliable sort) arn't having Dr Mengele's bloody treatments either.

    I have more faith in our three dogs than probably 90% of the population, glued as they are to the idiot box in the corner waiting to be told by the Minstry of Truth what to do and what to think next.

    • I think you have put your finger on it: that sense that there is something on the horizon that isn't going to be so pleasant.  An ominous feeling of doom?

      I have said it many times before, but I'm glad I'm not just starting out on my life journey.  It scares me how the entire population seems to have been remoulded and I wonder if we will ever get back to the time where normal human interaction will resume?

      And I have more faith in our dog than 99% of the population!

  3. mRNA mixes contain a known allergen called PEG (polyethylene glycol)  Some other mixtures contain Polysorbate8, which is also a known allergen.  Being kind to the evil mega-Pharmas (for once), I wonder if it's reactions to these substances, rather than the active ingredients, which are causing clotting problems?

    My local GP's surgery keeps pestering me to have a jab.  So far I have not refused (to avoid being put on the naughty list), merely been unavailable for their offered appointments.

    But soon I'll be asking for an antibody test, as should everyone: there's no good reason to have any vaccine if you've already had the disease.  In fact, there might be very good reasons for NOT having a vaccine if you've already had covid – some reports suggest detrimental effects from the combination.

    • So far, I haven't heard a word about any appointments even though I should be very near the top of the list.  Herself has been in hospital a few times in the past year and each time was tested and proved negative.  It is somewhat unlikely that she could be negative if I were positive?  Anyhows the side effects seem to be mounting up so a polite refusal is the safest answer.

  4. I have been smoking pipes for the past 40 some odd years and favor strong Kentucky and Latakia heavy blends. I see no need for a vaccination of any sort because no piddling bug could survive in that environment. 

    • Hah!  Pipe smoking for 50 odd years and have a grand belt of triple distilled Irish most nights.  I doubt much could survive that?  We must meet up some time!

      • I generally trade off between Jameson's and Tullamore D.E.W. If only a meet up were possible…much like white elephants, pipe smokers are a rare sight in these parts. (Although we seem to have whiskey drinkers aplenty.)

    • The last I heard from him was a series of what looked like news bulletins.  It was strictly a one-way thing with no cause for comment so I binned them.  I haven't heard from him since.

  5. It’s the Ides of March!

    As the late Kenneth Williams playing Julius Caesar said, “infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me.”

  6. Hi Grandad, the "something" that you have been waiting for, is me, I haven't replied in an age to any of your posts, so that's what it'll be. Anyhoo, the constant thought of another heart attack in the background isn't unusual, I have had three attacks over the last 3 years, and yea, every little rumble now is met with a feeling of trepidation, so you have my total sympathy in that regard. But it doesn't make me take an experimental vaccine, or quit smoking, or eating bacon or having the odd drink when I fancy, We soldier on mate, regardless of an army of do gooder busybodies out there telling us otherwise.

    We make the decisions for today, life makes them for tomorrow, and today my decision is exactly that,MINE.

    Be safe and well sir.

    Elwyn(with a new email)

    • Welcome back Elwyn [with a new email].  I'm sorry but the waiting feeling is still there even though you have returned.

      I have been on this road for over seventy years and have no intentions of taking any diversions.  If it ends in a cliff, then what the hell…..  It was a great trip.

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