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  1. You wonder sometimes if we've slipped into a time warp, with a renewed Mengele and Goebbels in their element rejoicing at the new facilities and technology they have to play with and an eager cult like following in awe of their omnipotence.

    Whatever happens these charlatans have got a ready excuse for it, with legions of our fellows clinging to their every utterence as if were the Gospel, all thats missing is the piper and cliffs.

    Speaking of which, yesterday i mentioned in your last post that i hadn't any face to face animosity, all change, just been shopping and yes was the only bod without a mask, when i came out with loaded trolley bumped into a now  84 year old i used to work with some 40 years ago, he's not masking because he's struggling with his breathing as it is and assumed here was a fellow dissident, then told me proudly he was one of the first in the county to have both jabs, volunteered too around Christmas time, asked me about my jab and when i told him i wasn't having it he visibly recoiled as if confronted by the creature from the black lagoon (can i say that?), then announced that i should be forced to have it because i could kill millions, doubt he'll speak to me again.

      • I'm generally the only non masked person on the very few occasions I've had to go shopping. However, I've noticed that quite a few bus drivers are no longer wearing them – and many don't even appear to have one dangling under their chin. Considering that passengers are rarer than rocking horse shit, I guess that no complaints have been forthcoming…

  2. Italy confessed it was a political move. Said there was internal pressure to go with the flow.  Nothing would surprise me about the EU Commissioners and the other bigwigs. Meanwhile people are catching the virus and dying.

    • The EU Commissioners don't give a toss about people dying, they only care about protecting, preserving and expanding their sinister 'project' – the very same focus which meant they took their eye off the ball 12 months ago and fell into the festering pile of cheval-merde they currently occupy.   Couldn't happen to a more suitable bunch.

      Hopefully the brighter EU citizens may now finally wake up, smell all the horse-shit and get out of that corrupt stable – the fresh air of freedom is sweet.

  3. Why do so many countries in the world seem dead keen to spend 4 or 5 times more for vaccines when compared with the AZ one?

    What could possibly be the reason? Are the non-AZ vaccines 4 or 5 times better?  Are they easier to transport and store?  Is there really that much hatred for the UK? Just think 30 cases from 17,000,000 jabs. Shocking!

    I smell a bladder-less rodent.

  4. All previous vaccines have been given after long-term testing and, significantly, when the recipient has no infection.  Vaccinating during an epidemic (with some recipients, possibly infected already but unaware of it, has never before been thought sensible or safe.

    Now we are expected to accept a novel concoction (which is not a normal vaccine as understood by medics), during an epidemic, whether already infected or not.

    I'm quite surprised by the very low number of adverse reactions so far.  Perhaps in a few weeks we'll have more data about clotting and other side-effects.  I hope not, but suspect there could be many more problems ahead.

  5. This is pretty silly. By all normal standards  for vaccines the AV one is clearly safe. There have been millions of vaccinations. in the UK without serious levels of side effects.. Ditto for Israel. As far as I can see the only reason for suspending use of the vacine is because of the alarmist stuff which would appear if they didn't. Jus kike MMR Plus a bit of vengeance on AZ of course,. 

  6. Knowing of unofficial reports of deaths of people who had not long before had the Pfizer or Modena drug, my first unworthy thought on hearing of the official reports of AZ drug problems was "They have a huge stock of the expensive drugs that are not shifting because a lot of punters are refusing them. So lets up the fear factor on the  more acceptable one."

     And anyway it originated in dispicable, smug, UK.

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