In which I learn I am senile — 8 Comments

  1. Sounds to me like the person doing the Trim vaccinations was also carrying the virus.   Given that around 25% of Covid infections are caught in hospitals, it's smart to stay away from any so-called 'health professional', as they're probably carriers.

    My advice is to ask for an A-Z DIY kit and stab yourself, senile or not.

  2. The AZ mixture is not an mRNA type, but nor is it a traditional dead-virus vaccine (as Leggy thought before).  The only traditionally made dead-virus vaccine (possibly not yet available in the UK & Eire) is the Johnson & Johnson one.  The mRNA enthusiasts are trying to downplay this one – I wonder why…

    I am going to insist on an antibody test before accepting any of these injections.  As I believe I had covid 13 months ago, there should still be detectable antibodies.  If there are, adding a 'vaccine' could be detrimental and is obviously completely unnecessary.

    • I decided earlier today that I will after all let them jab me with the Pfizer one.  It's their preference so I should go along with that.  HOWEVER, I will insist they wait ten years before poking it into me – I'll wait to see if there are any long term effects first.

  3. I submit that you are not senile but rather addlepated. Sure, it also means confused (among other maladies of the brain) but it's a much better word than senile or confused plus there's quite a lot of people out there that don't have a clue what means. Like everyone under the age of 35.

    Personally, I like to think of you as unique and unusual. Deviating from the norm so to speak. Seems to me you've always been that way. You're just more experienced at it now.

    So tell those vaccine buggers to sod off and just get it done. That ought to confuse 'em.

    • Addlepated?  Puddled?  I'm not bothered.  you're right though – somehow I have always seemed to see a different picture to the one everyone else is looking at.  Maybe I just  think too much?

  4. One of my daughters reported severe nausea, headache and body pain less than four hours after her AstraZeneca jab for almost forty eight hours.  This worries me as I've had a lot of vaccinations in my life and never suffered a reaction to any of them, apart from Flu jabs, which is why I never have those any more.

    Yet this vaccine, unlike those for all the other jabs I've had, will not give what I would call proper immunity?  Mmm.  Think I'll pass.

    • I  read your post!  The more I hear about these vaccines the more I'm inclined to just take my chances.  I know they are being ultra cautious, but at the same time the whole lot have been rushed through in a panic and I'm of the mind that if they tell us that everything is fine and they are just being very careful then I'm inclined to think that there are a lot more problems we aren't being told about.

      Incidentally, hail, rain and the odd drop of sunshine just means summer has arrived early in the West!  wink

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