Beware the eyes of March — 6 Comments

  1. The HVF test.

    Crocodile clips are set on sensitive parts of your anatomy, and then connected to a variable voltage supply. The voltage is screwed up and up. If your eyes start watering you have passed the High Voltage Focussing test and nowt wrong with your eyes.

    Good luck.

    Eye, right.

  2. Grandad, you need to get checked to ensure that your eyesight is good enough for you to be driving because your car insurance could be invalid if you don't meet the Irish equivalent of the UK DVLA's criteria.


    • Don't worry John.  The sight is just a little bit off to the point where I can't read very small text on a television on the other side of the room.  It's a case of "I can see perfectly but I know I could see better".  Anyhows, I have my proper eye-test on Thursday so there is little more I can do.

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