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  1. Why 5 Km?  Because politicians can grasp small prime numbers.  The others are too difficult – until you append 6 or more zeroes.

    • I doubt most of 'em even know what a prime number is.

      Maybe they only learned to count on one hand?

      • I thought it was a number supplied by Amazon, no need to confuse us with mathematics.

  2. Transmission between and from children has been found to be minimal.  It's much more likely the adults – teachers etc – at these centres of indoctrination they attend, will be spreading bugs.

    Is 5km the average distance between villages?  Or just, as Decnine says, made-up due to limited cognition.

    • If a parent has it surely he/she can pass it onto the child who probably will be asymptomatic.  The child then passes it on to teacher and other families?

      5 is just one of the select buttons on their computer modelling crap.

      • The infection pathway of 'adult – symptom-less child – adult' does not seem to happen, from the very limited research done.

  3. I'm the odd one out commenting on blogs written by bloggers I follow and enjoy reading. I am happy.

    I am, in this case, a sheep. If the government tells me to jump a mile, I will do it. I don't wear face nappies, I wear masks. I wear them because it makes sense to me to keep my spit to myself. Masks were used in 1918 already.  

    I do what is asked of me because I assume no country in the world would shoot itself in the foot for no reason and there are things I don't know. 

    I think children receive too many vaccinations in their first few months, so, in that way, I am an anti-vaxxer. But vaccinations, antivirals and other solutions to horrible health problems have been wonderful for humans and animals. I had my Phizer shot with gratitude knowing it is a new and different way to do a flu jab which has been stunningly useless in the past. I have refused all those.

    I was lucky, or unlucky to have actually observed Covid in my daughter. That experience made me realise Sars-Cov-2 is NOT just "flu". That was in March 2020 – one of the first, early infections received from Chinese students she tutored at the university who had come back after their Christmas break.

    Sars-Cov-2 is the virus that causes a really REALLY shit disease called Covid19. Not all people carrying the virus get Covid19. 

    So, in case my luck might run out, I do everything asked of me without complaint. 

    And so I have no stress, no fight, no reason for protest. I am so grateful I live in the UK with an NHS and a vaccination program, because, believe me, it is pretty horrible in Darkest Africa!


    • One of my most valued [and constant] readers!

      I have no doubt that the Virus isn't particularly pleasant, and nor do I doubt that it can be fatal.  There are still aspects that concern me as I have pointed out at length.  My particular concern is with the mRNA vaccine.  There are no guarantees that there will be no long term affects, and as one with a weird immune system that worries me.  In fact I am expecting a call any time to receive my dose and unless I get offered a non-mRNA type I will politely refuse.  I am quite prepared for any consequences of that decision.

      I am puzzled at many of the restrictions that are in force.  As a simple example, I cannot drive a few miles up my road to the mountain tops where I am surrounded by nothing but heather and sheep [and beautiful views] yet I can be fined astronomical sums for such a simple pleasure.

      I can't entertain a neighbour in my garden yet I am allowed attend a wedding with five others [but only five] who may all be infectious carriers.

      Infection rates here in Ireland have dropped dramatically over the past weeks yet we are told that restrictions are unlikely to be lifted for another two months or more.  Businesses are dying.  People are being driven to suicide.  God knows what the impact will be on those with non-Virus related problems who are denied medical treatment.

      My personal distaste with masks [I'll be polite and use the word!] is that I find them suffocating and uncomfortable.  I frequently can't hear what people are saying [and they can't hear me].  It reduces communication to eyes only.  I also sometimes have difficulty recognising people.  They are commonly not needed either.  There is no valid reason to wear a mask in the open air in a non-crowded place yet it's an increasingly common sight.

      I prefer to use common sense.  I know the people I can trust and those I treat with an element of caution [delivery people?].  I know people can't be relied on to use common sense but bludgeoning them with laws is a bit much.

      Rant over?


    • Dear Elizabeth

      "… because, believe me, it is pretty horrible in Darkest Africa!"

      Have you been there?



  4. Sorry for my cheek using your blog for a purely private reason. For a day and a half I have been unable to open up Underdogs bite upwards on my Desk top, my laptop or my tablet. I've got "timed out check your internet connection etc" I  started to think the thought police had disappeared him for wrong speech. Or my three bits of kit were headed for the skip.

    He has just reappeared and I assume he is in one piece.  One again sorry. And thank you for your blog: one of my daily tonics.

  5. There used to be a saying that villages in Europe were only 5 kilotons a part. We were discussing the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Did some EU bureaucrat get confused over Kilotons and Kilometers? 

  6. Personally speaking, I have been out to work every single day for the past year. I have not worn a mask or changed my personal hygiene habits. Nothing has happened to my health. I think it is a load of nonsense driven by the desire to get all humans upgraded to accept the Ai. 

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